Scala de Faro


The Scala De Faro hotel has a long and rich history going back to the 15th-16th century when it was built by the Venetians. Based on the material and the construction features as well as the historical narratives, it appears that the building was originally a two-story construction with carved porous arches on the ground floor and the “Piano Nobile,” or the main floor used by the Venetian nobility, on the second. The monumental scale of the northern facade is the most iconic element of the building and proves its original Venetian origin. The arched stone staircase is a fortified monument and is ornately decorated with floral growth and a built-in fountain lying low inside its arc.

After the city of Chania was taken by the Turks in 1645, the building experienced different renovations. The Tournefort traveller wrote in 1717 that “the building seemed to follow in structure the typical home of the time. The house had two floors with a cellar and stables on the ground floor, walls of chiseled stones in the first, tattered walls in the second one and an open-planted terrace with flowers and climbing plants.” This is also shown in the construction on the dividing south wall of the 2nd floor revealed during the restoration of the building. From old contracts, we know that the building was owned in 1890 by a descendant of the Softazade family, a distinguished Turkish-Cretan family.

In the last 118 years, the building has constantly changed its appearance and spaces like a chameleon, adapting to the times. In 1932, Antonakakis, a great businessman of the time, purchased the building at an auction. He rebuilt it and started operating it as a hotel – one of the first in the city – in 1934, under the name “MINERVA.” After 36 years of operation as a hotel, it closed in 1970 and became the private residence of Mrs Anthoula Antonakaki, a much-loved person in the city of Chania.

A characteristic feature is the photo from the M. Manousaka archive showing the building on the arrival of the “Great Powers” in 1898..

In this listed building located in the heart of the Venetian harbour , guests can enjoy the excellent views of the sea, the old Venetian harbour and the city, with all the modern amenities of a traveller.

It consists of 9 unique rooms and suites, arranged on 3 floors in the north and south, overlooking either the sea or the picturesque narrow streets of the old town and the mountains. Each floor has its own distinct features, referring to the elements of construction and the chronological phase that were created (Venetian, Ottoman and Modern Greek periods), elements repeated in decorative motifs. The spaces were designed with the aim of following the basic architectural elements of the building and reusing original elements, shapes and materials such as wooden panelling ceilings, wooden floors, classic doors and stones. The materials used in the construction, such as ecological and biological insulating and mineral paints, are friendly to users and the environment

There is also a possibility of combining rooms to meet the varying needs of numerous travellers, as well as exclusive use of the rooftop floor.

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