Chania, the city that combines everything!

At the heart of the charming old Venetian Port of Chania, our boutique hotel brings you closer to the magic of the Old Town. Wander through the very same alleys that Venetians, Arabs and Turks have walked on over the centuries and take a fascinating travel down history lane. Feel the charm of its tight cobblestone streets and Venetian mansions, and try to unravel their secrets. Mind you, though, the Old Town always offers new flavours and aromas.

Scala De Faro Activities


Chania offers its guests a variety in amusement and entertainment. Full of mystery, surprises and juxtapositions, the city boasts both aspects of everyday life, traditional and modern. Cafés, restaurants, music scenes, clubs and bars are all at your disposal to suit your mood. Especially in the summer, the city’s visitors mingle with the locals; they make friends and have fun enjoying the raki and the local aperitifs. Those interested in the city’s cultural events, have the chance to attend art festivals, theatrical performances, concerts, balls and so many other intriguing events, organised every summer.

Chania also boasts a large number of shops to buy souvenirs for your loved ones, as well as jewellery, clothes, shoes, local traditional products or anything you may like.


Over the centuries, Chania has attracted a slew of different cultures that each left a mark of their own legacy all over the city. A melting pot of diverse cultures, customs and habits waiting to be discovered.


Scala de Faro is an ideal retreat for couples in love that want to relax and live romantic moments, away from everyday life routine. Get some rest in your room, relax in the jacuzzi or on your private terrace, or savour amazing Cretan cuisine and local wines on your own balcony. Cretan hospitality and a swathe of enchanting scenery that stretches out in front of you are ideally combined to make your stay unforgettable.

Should you wish to get out for a walk, we recommend a relaxing stroll along the harbour, where gentle waves lap against the shore, soothing your mind. Capture the moment in a photo with the Lighthouse, the Old Port symbol, as your backdrop.


Chania has mesmerising beaches that provide a memorable diving experience. Explore the unique biodiversity and morphology of the sea floor and discover reefs, rare species of coral and fish, as well as World War II wrecks. Whether a professional, beginner or inexperienced diver, there is a programme to meet your personal needs. Just pick a specialised diving centre out of many in Chania running instruction services. Consult with us to inform you on diving and swimming schools across the city.


Samaria is the most famous trekking gorge, not only in Greece but also all over Europe. Thousands of tourists come to Chania every year to visit and admire its beauty. A part of the European path E4, it’s about 15 km long and takes about 6 hours, starting from Omalos, to reach Agia Roumeli. It is fairly easy and ideal both for beginners and advanced trekkers. Here, at the heart of wild nature, relish scents and flavours, admire wild plants and birds. Indulge in the gorge’s special scenery and immerse yourselves in this unforgettable journey!

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