Located in the heart of the beautiful Old Venetian Harbour of Chania, our boutique hotel is a place that brings satisfies the tastes of the most demanding travellers. Whether you prefer reading a book on a seaside or swim in the some of the most beautiful beaches, or hiking in the mountains, Chania has it all!


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The city of Chania with its lovely, picturesque back alleys and unique mansions invites you to explore and discover its every corner and street. Feel the charm it exudes, taking in every big and small piece of the legacy passed down from the people who have conquered it over the centuries.

A very nice way to have fun discovering the city is a guided tour on a Segway. Choose the ideal route for you and explore the city on your own personal means of transport, always accompanied by a trained person who will show you every important spot around the city, even down its secret back alleys.

The Venetian Lighthouse

The lighthouse, built by Venetians but remodelled in its present form by the Egyptians, is the symbol and crown jewel of the Old Port of Chania. Captivating at first sight, without a doubt! Take the stroll along the jetty, necessary to admire the Old Port and Town at a different angle, with the beautiful White Mountains as backdrop. If you choose to do this in the afternoon, you get the chance to witness the sunset’s unique colour palette creating a setting of exquisite beauty.

Old Venetian Port

The Venetian Port of Chania is the city’s trademark and its busiest and most photographed spot. Built, by Venetians, in the 14th century to conduct their maritime trade and combat piracy. During Ottoman rule, the Venetian Port was left to chance until the 19th century when the Egyptians occupied the area and reconstructed the harbour and its lighthouse. Late 19th century sees a gradual decline in its use due to incompatibility with the ever-larger ships of the time. This marks the start of transferring all services to the natural port of Souda.

The Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum of Chania opened in 1963 at the old Venetian monastery of Agios Frangiskos on Chalidon Street. Its main exhibits include objects recounting the history of the prefecture of Chania from Neolithic times to the Roman era. The Museum’s collection features findings from excavations over a period of 50 years in various areas across the city.

After walking through the streets of the Old Town, it’s truly worth the while to visit the Archaeological Museum and get a deeper understanding of the whole city’s history. The Museum guided tour helps you experience the everyday life of the people at the time, learn about their religious customs, their lines of trade and craft, and acknowledge how much everyday living has changed over the centuries.

Nautical Museum

The Nautical Museum of Chania is located at the entrance of the “Firka” Fortress along Akti Kountourioti. Founded in 1973, it boasts a permanent collection of about 2,500 exhibits, organised in chronological order. The museum features relics, paintings, maps, nautical instruments, ship models and much more from the Bronze Age to the modern times. There is also a rich collection of sea world exhibits. Visit and discover the maritime culture of Greece in its entirety!

Gyali Tzami

Gyali Tzami commands the Old Port of Chania. Dedicated to the first Turkish military commander of the city, Küçük Hasan, it’s the first-ever mosque built in Crete immediately after the conquest of the city by the Ottomans and operated as Muslim temple until 1923. From then on, the building was consecutively used as Archaeological Museum, warehouse, folk art museum, while today hosts various events and exhibitions. Do not miss on a chance to visit it during your stay at Chania, especially if there is an art exhibition running.

Etz Hayyim Synagogue

The Etz Hayyim Synagogue is the sole Jewish monument in Crete, while its Mikveh (ritual bath) is one of the oldest still operating in Greece. The northern side of the synagogue features a fountain and is dedicated to the Etz Hayyim’s Friends, adjacent to the Talmud Teaching School building. There is also a library of 4,500 volumes, including the complete history of the Jewish people, as well as Judaism, Christianity, Islam and the world. Plan a visit and explore its rich offerings or take part in the activities and events organised every now and then.

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